Your Room, Your Story

Colourtrend Interior Design Forum interview with Thelma Henry of Thelma Henry Interiors.

Pale blue walls and deep-toned plush furnishings make this bedroom every bit as soothing as it is luxurious. Crystal accents with metallic fittings fit the glamour of the room design beautifully. “I first got involved in fashion designing when I left school,” says Thelma Henry of Thelma Henry Interiors. Because of her love of textiles, she always chooses fabric first, and then goes from there.

“My room set is a story,” she explains. “I think of it as a story, and I start off with one element. I just fell in love with the fabric, and then that developed into the paint colours that I would choose.” For this room, Thelma selected Colourtrend’s calming off-white Winter’s Breath in Eggshell finish for the paneling behind the bed, and Colourtrend’s pale blue Beade in Ceramic Matt finish for the other wall. She finishes the look off by painting the picture frames in Colourtrend’s warm white Arctic Blonde in Eggshell finish, and the furniture in Colourtrend’s grey Silk Seal in Eggshell finish. “Interior design and colour go hand-in-hand,” she expounds. “You can’t have one without the other.” She chose calming colours that tied in with her textiles, then added in the various accessories, including pictures above the bed featuring the Children of Lir. Thelma thinks bedrooms are often neglected when we do up our homes; “we do our living room, we do our kitchen, [but] we spend so much of our time in a bedroom, and it’s usually the last thing that we actually think about working on.”

When doing up your own bedroom, Thelma reminds us that we need to “design them with ourselves in mind” and challenges us to “choose what you like and have fun.” Sounds good to us!

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