Upcycling Your Child’s Bedroom

Colourtrend Interior Design Forum interview with Ann-Marie Stuart and Claire Weldon of Stuart Weldon Design.

There’s a level of excitement that comes with decorating a child’s bedroom.  Before you begin, it’s important to think of the different uses your child’s bedroom offers.  As Ann-Marie explains, “make a list of things you do in your room before you actually start deciding on your colours, and everything else will come after that.”  Some of us like to keep our bedroom for relaxation. Some, a place to watch TV in bed.  For children and young adults, perhaps a quiet place to study?  Once you decide on the functionality of your child’s room, you can work out what furniture will be needed.  Perhaps a desk for doing homework?  Or a dresser that doubles as a TV stand?  These days many rooms in our home serve double duty, so consider what else your child may need.

As is evident by their delightful Colourtrend Interior Design Forum room set, Claire and Ann-Marie lead by example when it comes to not going with conventional ‘boy’ or ‘girl’ colours.  In fact, it can be quite refreshing doing the opposite of what’s expected!  Think about going with a beautiful blue such as Colourtrend’s Quiet Pond 0672, chosen for their room set which was designed for a young girl.  Choosing a blue backdrop in this way compliments the yellow, pink, red and green accessories used throughout the room instead of them fading into the background.

A top tip from Claire and Ann-Marie for sticking to a budget when redecorating is to update furniture you already have instead of buying new pieces. “Consider what you’ve already got. So many people throw out or say ‘alright, new room, new everything,’ and a lot of the time you can reuse”, Claire tells us. Upcycling is a trend we don’t see going out of fashion any time soon, and one we personally love! So why not take a cue from Ann-Marie and Claire. Revive an old dresser with Colourtrend Prime and Colourtrend Satinwood, then add a bit of character with some decorative handles.  It makes sense to make the most of what you have.

Another excellent tip from the ladies behind Stuart Weldon Design is to take note of what your child loves.  “This room was about a little girl who really didn’t want to go down the pink route, so she loves dogs, and pugs are trendy, so we decided to link the two together,” Claire explains.  Take inspiration from your child’s favourite things and perhaps go with it as a theme. As Ann-Marie and Claire show us, add a splash of fun with themed artwork, pillows, stuffed animals and quirky light fixtures.

Above all else, when it comes to designing your child’s room, the most important thing is to have fun.  This is a space for your child’s imagination to grow, so consider colouring outside of the lines and enjoy it!

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