Shades Of Grey

For bedrooms, grey is an exceptionally good colour, as Louise explains. Bedrooms are your calming retreat. They should be a place you long to relax in. If your bedroom is full of invigorating colours, you may struggle to unwind at the end of a hectic day. As Louise advises, if you’d like to include some vibrancy in your bedroom, it may be best to include that energetic colour behind your bed so that while you’re in bed, you won’t be distracted by a daring colour scheme in your immediate line of sight. So opt to add bright colours behind your bed and decorate the rest of your room in a harmonious hue. Using the strong colours in a scheme behind you is a great tip to bring colour and life to office spaces too!

If you choose to decorate in one colour as Louise did, experiment by mixing and matching different textures to make the most of a monochrome palette. Don’t be afraid to experiment and introduce silk, velvet, flock, suede and rich cotton counts. Louise collated a beautifully textural mix of fabrics and finishes to bring many layers to her seemingly singular colour scheme. Using different paint finishes in the same colour, as Louise did with Satinwood and Ceramic Matt also adds subtle visual depth.

Another great reason Louise makes for considering grey in your bedroom is that it’s an excellent gender neutral shade; grey compliments both masculine and feminine palettes. Using a shade of grey as a base in a room is a fantastic way to make everything else in the room pop. It also beautifully marries broad and varied colour schemes used in a single space.

When choosing a colour for your bedroom, or any room for that matter, consider how the paint will work under different light throughout a room. “Every paint colour is going to look different in different light,” says Louise. Place large paint sample cards around your room to see how the various lighting conditions play with the undertones in the paint. Colourtrend’s real paint panels are an easy, no-fuss way to do this. This way there are no surprises for how a paint will look under natural light, ambient light, task lighting or candle light to name a few. A fantastic tip to keep in mind when choosing paint for every room in your home.

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