Colourtrend_Ideal_Home_Show-Zen Retreat Lana Dullaghan

Digital design collides with luxury finishes in this grey toned wonder of comfort. Describing the sitting room as the ‘engine of the house’, Lana’s room set holds a unique atmosphere. One that is moody, but warm. Sophisticated, yet cosy – the ideal mix that allows the room to seamlessly shift between relaxation and play. If the sitting room is deemed the engine of the house, then Lana’s colour choices and furnishings are the bodywork. Sleek, refined, with a hint of grandeur one might only see in a Porsche or Bentley.

Inspiration for the room set stemmed from one of Lana’s own designs. An artist who focuses on creating murals and art with ‘new technology’, Lana firmly believes that digital design unmasks an opportunity for her to create a ‘luxurious look, with a contemporary twist’ – her wall mural ‘Diamond Lilies’ is a testament to this.  Hanging dominantly above the plush, velvet grey tones of the sofa, its soft, delicate lilies peep through shimmers of grey, silver and cream. The flowers’ anthers showcase hints of deep purple, while metallic hues of gold playfully dance across the edges of the frame.

These metallic and grey influences creep into Lana’s colour choices, with Colourtrend’s Zen Retreat 0535 (available in all Colourtrend stores and stockists) in Ceramic Matt Finish adorning the walls. “Colour is very important for any room. It can affect mood and feelings dramatically,” Lana says adamantly. With its ‘dark grey’, almost charcoal-like undertones, Colourtrend’s Zen Retreat 0535 is both moody yet somewhat classic – oozing a sense of refined luxury.

“I chose Colourtrend’s Zen Retreat 0535, because I wanted to create a luxurious sitting room,” Lana explains. “It is a shade that works really well with a lot of different colours and it helps the wall mural stand out, almost as if it’s 3D.”

Colourtrend_Ideal_Home_Show-Zen Retreat Lana Dullaghan

While the wall mural is a focal feature within the room set, it is the subtle mix of finishes and textures which really shines through. The blue undertones of Colourtrend’s In the Hills 0561 (available in all Colourtrend stores and stockists) in Satin Finish lovingly coats the frame of the wall mural, providing a softer contrast to the walls. A four door sideboard stands tucked away in the corner. Painted in Colourtrend’s Awakening 0560 (available in all Colourtrend stores and stockistsin Gloss Finish, its cream hues pop against the monochromatic grey theme, while its glossy finish contrasts beautifully to the matt of the walls.

Intertwine this with the reflective, metallic surfaces of the silver lamps, the dainty, art deco style tables and the opulent white fur of the foot rest, and it creates a mismatch of textures that feels both contemporary and utterly tactile. Lana’s top tip? Always remember that the finish is just as important as the colour choice.

“For my room set, I wanted to show people that it’s not just about choosing the right colour. Sometimes, it’s about choosing the right finish and colour to create a mood for the room – it’s all about that connection,” she explains. “Colourtrend have such a good selection of colours and finishes, so you can allow yourself to play with different finishes and textures – there’s no restrictions!”

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