Colourtrend_Ideal_Home_Show Oyster Catch

Patterned fabrics, green hues and natural foliage combine to create a modern and cosy space in Catherine Murphy’s room-set. A garden room that allows you to “to chill out, relax and do whatever you like,” it showcases a clear eye for detail and a belief that less is more.

“My philosophy of interior design is to be relaxed about it, enjoy your home and use colours that make you comfortable,” Catherine explains. It is this sense of ease that prevails throughout her room set. It’s minimalistic yet comfortable, in a way that is effortlessly stylish.

Catherine decided to create a room in homage of two things–the beauty of the garden, and the belief that, sometimes, the most interesting things are away from the glare of a phone screen. The result is a room that incorporates the bold hues of Colourtrend’s Oyster Catch 0585 (available in all Colourtrend stores and stockistsin Interior Matt Finish, and beautifully contrasts them against the warm, white tones of Colourtrend’s Arctic Blonde to create a design that mimics the best traits of the outdoors–beautiful textures, rich tones and a unique freshness that is unparalleled.

“In a garden room, I think you should always choose a neutral, strong colour to allow the garden to stand out–the plants, the lighting and everything can look amazing against it,” Catherine says when discussing her colour choices.

Colourtrend_Ideal_Home_Show Oyster Catch

“I used Colourtrend’s Oyster Catch 0585 which is a very dark, muddy green, but it really allows the garden outside to be a ‘wow’ feature. I also used Colourtrend’s Arctic Blonde from the Contemporary Range. It’s a beautiful white. There’s no coldness to it. There’s an actual depth and a warmth to it–and it really lifts the darkness of the green.”

However, it is the finer details of the room which truly bring the design together. A black and white Salvador Dalí portrait is carefully hung, an array of plants and indoor shrubs are expertly scattered throughout the room–while a plush, velvet sofa in vibrant, green tones contrasts beautifully against the black and white patterned rug and charcoal floor.

It is this eye for detail that delicately tip-toes between the feelings of cosiness and openness–a true sense of the outdoors. This is not just a room, but an extension of the garden, with the feeling of an outdoor space.

When doing up your own home, Catherine emphasises that you should never overlook a picture rail – as it is the perfect way to add a splash of colour to a room. “I used a picture rail because it’s in so many homes in Ireland,” explains Catherine, pointing to her own picture rail adorned in Arctic Blonde hues. “It allows you to introduce a new colour into the space without it being just a stripe of colour.”

Her final bit of advice? Never underestimate the transformative power of lighting and its effect on a space. “Even if you paint a piece of paper one colour, and have it on different walls, it will look different on a wall that’s shaded and a wall that the sun hits. The same applies when there is a light against it,” she explains. “In a room, you can really use lights effectively for mood and drama. It changes the colour. It can bring out a real richness in your colour.”

Colourtrend_Ideal_Home_Show Oyster Catch

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