Kitchen Space: The Design Is In The Details

Colourtrend Interior Design Forum interview with Ciara Drennan of Drennan Interiors.

Sometimes we’re inspired by the most wonderful of things. Ciara Drennan of Drennan Interiors shows us what can happen when we’re open-minded and allow ourselves to be inspired by the unexpected. Running with an idea and getting carried away in the details. As Ciara explains, “My inspiration actually came from a napkin. This napkin to be exact. It’s a Sophie Allport napkin. I just love the colours in it.” Finding inspiration from something like a napkin, as Ciara has, is a great starting block if you’re stuck in a design rut. Whether you’re stuck on choosing a theme or simply a colour scheme, consider finding inspiration from an object you cherish and examine its details. Almost every detail of Ciara’s Colortrend Interior Design Forum kitchen can relate back to the napkin that inspired her.

Ciara touches on the importance of functionality when it comes to designing the bones of your kitchen. It’s great to have a beautiful kitchen in mind, but if there isn’t appropriate storage, work flow and functionality then you’ll quickly grow frustrated with your space. Functionality comes first when designing, followed quickly by the aesthetic details such as colour palette, accessories, furniture and fittings. Ensure at the very least when designing your kitchen to incorporate the kitchen work triangle—efficient placement of your refrigerator, sink and stove. Adding an island to your kitchen is a great way to add not only more work space, but more practical storage to your kitchen and will give more of a social aspect to the space.

White her kitchen itself is predominantly off-white, Ciara added plenty of warmth and character to the room through her choice of paint. Ciara painted the walls in Colortrend’s Shark Fin 0574 which adds a warm tone to the space. She further customised her kitchen by painting the kitchen island in Pink Chocolate from Colortrend’s Historic Collection which creates a real statement and focal point. “I wanted to achieve a kind of feminine, kind of opulent, comfy kitchen-come-dining area. I kind of envisaged a place for afternoon tea, a place for dining, a place for family,” Ciara shared with us. By adding a curated mix of modern, classic and cottage-inspired accessories to her kitchen and dining room, Ciara created a truly unique and inviting space. Take a cue from Ciara’s kitchen and allow yourself to have fun with your space, as the design is in the details.

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