Green Is Big For 2018

“Green is going to be big in 2018,” exclaims Ciara Drennan of Drennan Interiors. An adamant statement, and one which describes her sitting room perfectly. With its walls, panelling and bespoke TV and bookcase unit all painted a dark green, it is striking, yet not overwhelming to the senses.

“I love using colour in my designs,” explains Ciara. “People tend to play it safe, just because they’re a little bit afraid. But it’s funny, because I always notice that if a client is hesitant to use a stronger colour, it’s usually the room they love the most.”

Ciara’s love for interior design first blossomed when she began decorating her own home at 21. She credits the effectiveness of colour in ‘bringing a new element to a room’ and loves how ‘a splash of colour on the walls’ can create a definite mood or atmosphere.

It is this sense of atmosphere that Ciara’s sitting room has in abundance. With Colourtrend’s Micropolis in Interior Matt Finish adorning the walls, one might see blue undertones as cold, but in here, it brings a depth and warmth to the design—perfect for those cold, winter months.

“It’s quite an earthy tone, but it’s very warm and kind of cosy feeling,” Ciara says when explaining her colour choice. “It gives you a hug when you walk into the room.”

Micropolis in Eggshell Finish coats the panelling and woodwork, providing a softer, glossier contrast to its matt counterpart.  Vibrant, burnt orange, leather arm chairs stand dominantly in the middle of the room, contrasting beautifully to the durable, Herringbone, laminate floor they stand upon, and the deep, navy, velvet of the sofa facing them. It’s colourful. It’s bold. And it creates a truly atmospheric sitting room with a touch of luxury nestling beneath.

Sea waves and colourful bird patterns adorn the soft-textured cushions upon the sofa, while small trinkets and accessories hidden among the painted shelves—such as the chrome deer and antique clock—provide a unique quirk and edge. Combine this with the array of plants littered around the room, and there is a definite autumnal and nature like feel to the design.

“I’ve used types of velvets and leathers and different textures and fabrics to bring this autumnal look together,” Ciara explains. “I wanted to create a warm, comfy, cosy space that can be used by all the family.”

When doing up your own home, Ciara recommends using strong colours on the walls. “The greys, the greens, the dark blues, the moody tones like that I think can work really well,” she says.

“Don’t be afraid to use colour. It can really pay off. If you see a colour that you love, and you think ‘oh it wouldn’t work’ I would say, just go for it. You can make it work with nice lighting, nice artwork and the right furniture.”

And finally, when choosing a colour—don’t just limit yourself to the walls. “You can use it on the wall panels, door frames, your skirting boards, whatever you want,” she exclaims. “Pretty much anything can be painted nowadays.”

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