Good Design Is Well Considered

Colourtrend Interior Design Forum interview with Moya Farrell of

From the moment you step into Moya’s Colourtrend Interior Design Forum room set, you’re captivated by its timeless and elegant design.  Behind the bed, a black feature wall frames the luxuriously layered bed.  The monochromatic palette is perfectly accented with delicate pink and sleek gold accessories dotted throughout the space.  Moya’s harmonious colour palette gives the room a calm and romantic feel.

​When it comes to designing a room of your own, if you’re unsure of what style you’d like to go with, fear not! As Moya advises, wait until you’re happy with an idea before you commit to a design. Pick something you really love and think it over.  “Every room that’s well designed is well considered. Don’t rush into anything,” Moya explains.  In the fast-paced times we live in today, we’re so used to results being just a click away, but when you’re decorating a room as personal as a bedroom take Moya’s advice and be patient.  Allow yourself to build your ideal room.

Once you decide on a design, before you begin, check that your walls are in good condition; repair any flaws and ensure your walls are clean and smooth. “My best painting trick—it’s probably a bit cliché, but I know that just treating the walls beforehand, using an undercoat and doing everything properly,” Moya shares, especially including reading the instructions on the tin.  A really important step so many of us are guilty of skipping, but by taking the time to understand the paint you’re using you could save yourself time and effort in the long run.

For her chic room set, Moya chose Colourtrend Ceramic Matt finish for both of her chosen colours. Using Colourtrend’s Dressage, a black with depth and character paired with Almost White, a subtle off-white, instills a sense of comfort in the space.  One thing we can all take from Moya’s room set is to not be intimidated by black.  Think of black as a backdrop to allow artwork and other accessories to shine.  By using it behind the bed in this way, as well as accenting with carefully chosen accessories, the black wall doesn’t overwhelm but creates a calming atmosphere in the space.

Moya created a comforting and cosy space by marrying a black feature wall with crisp neutrals, beautiful pinks and inviting golds.  She crafted a space to look forward to every evening, a considered and tranquil space that is a joy to retire to.

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