Getting The Space Right

Colourtrend Interior Design Forum interview with Roisin Lafferty of Kingston Lafferty Design.

Designed by Roisin Lafferty and her Kingston Lafferty Design team, the DFS Show House experience at this year’s Autumn Ideal Home Show is a perfect example of what can be done when a space is utilized to its full potential.  The moment you step inside the Show House, you’re instantly captivated by the variety of bold styles and playful palettes that are working harmoniously all under one roof.

Having such an open plan Show House, Roisin and her team defined each space clearly and seamlessly through the use of wall colours.  The living room is a perfect example, as Roisin explains.  “In the living room, what we’ve done just to define the living room space is use Bowman Blue colour behind the sofa so it straight away draws your eye in and creates a feature in that room.”  Using colour in this way, the KLD team demonstrate how diverse the design in your home can be. It’s all about utilizing the space you’re given and making it work for you.  “I love everything about interiors, but getting the space right is the absolute most important thing for me.”

Creating zones within your home is key to unlocking the perfect space.  Along with strong wall colours, Roisin also used floor treatments, lighting features, furniture and artwork to create areas of interest throughout the Show House.  “It’s very important to define the different areas, and colour works very well to do that. Using colour and feature lighting can really bring you throughout the different spaces.”  Using techniques such as this creates pockets of interest within a space without having to define them strictly with walls and doors.

With so many colour and style statements, the KLD team lead by example for how such an eclectic mix can work within the same space by creating a truly unforgettable design.  “To be unafraid with colour was the main theme we were going for,” Roisin shares with us.  Don’t be afraid to mix styles, patterns and colours.  Be brave.  Experiment by introducing a bold colour into your home and see where it takes you.  A bit of colour and a little courage goes a long way.

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