Embrace Your Dark Side

Colourtrend Interior Design Forum interview with Olive Wilson of Niamh Carter Interiors.

As we begin approaching the winter months, there’s nothing more comforting than the idea of escaping to Olive Wilson’s Colourtrend Interior Design Forum room set. With a sophisticated wall colour, plush furnishings and an inviting design, we’re welcomed into and inspired by Olive’s space. But above all else, an important note we should all take from this room set is that we shouldn’t be afraid to embrace darker palettes.

When it comes to choosing a paint colour for your room, as Olive advises, you should first decide what time of the day you will be mostly spending in that room. This will be quite a significant deciding factor when it comes to choosing the intensity of colour. “We used dark colours that are kind of enveloping in the room,” explains Olive. If you use, for example, your living room mostly in the evenings to relax after work consider going with a dark colour as Olive has done by using Colourtrend’s beautiful Peacock Blue from the Colourtrend Historic Collection. Olive used Historic Antique Eggshell on her panelling. Historic Luxury Matt Finish for walls will also create a comforting space to retreat to in the evenings after a long day.

“Because we don’t get a huge amount of sunshine [here in Ireland], people always go for very bright colours but they can be very cold. Don’t be afraid to embrace a deeper colour,” Olive recommends. Another excellent tip from Olive to keep in mind when choosing a paint colour is to make sure you choose a hue with a warm undertone, to ensure your space has an inviting feel. If the thought of introducing a dark colour into your home is still a bit overwhelming, try offsetting a dark wall with light and bright accessories. Using Olive’s room set as a perfect example, you can see the bright ladder, flooring, copper and brass accessories contrast the beautifully bold walls and help lift the space. Consider wrapping yourself in a relaxing atmosphere this year and go dark with your design.

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