Colourtrend_Ideal_Home_Show_Ciara Drennan Paved Path Arctic Blonde

Luxurious finishes, interesting textures and restful tones perfectly combine to create a ‘romantic space with a touch of glamour’ in Ciara Drennan’s bedroom. Designed to create a safe haven for people to unwind and relax, this space oozes opulence, yet still has a unique comfort and warmth best described as a loving embrace.

A jungle-like fabric featured in the scatter cushions and gold gilded chair brings a pop of colour to the design, with pink toned peacocks and long legged birds scattered among green hues of foliage and dense jungle. Interestingly, Ciara credits this fabric for influencing her colour choices. Muted, grey-green tones seep into her colour palette, with Colourtend’s Paved Path 0582 (available in all Colourtrend stores and stockistsadorning both the walls and panelling – providing the perfect backdrop to the other elements within the room.

Soft, blush pink tones prevail in the beautiful headboard which uses a Herringbone fabric, while baby blue undertones are featured in the chair and the cushions scattered across the white linen bed sheets. Couple this with the soft, luxurious under footing of the plush, grey carpet, and the dimmed lights of the wooden, orbed light fixture, and it creates a room that is both luxurious and atmospheric – the perfect combination after a long day of work.

Colourtrend_Ideal_Home_Show_Ciara Drennan Paved Path Arctic Blonde

A large, custom built dressing table painted in Colourtrend’s Arctic Blonde in an Eggshell Finish stands prominently on the right side of the room. Its light, ‘almost white’ hues provide the perfect contrast to the green of the Paved Path 0582.

“I suppose if you’re using a bright colour like Arctic Blonde, it’s practically white, so it really shows you the tones that are in the Paved Path 0582 – those lovely strong, green, grey tones,” explains Ciara. “If you were to put a mahogany or something against that, I don’t think it would show the tones. By putting that Arctic Blonde against it, I think it makes it very clean and it shows that complete contrast, which for me, pronounces the colour.”

When choosing colours for your own bedroom, Ciara recommends choosing restful colours such as green, earthy tones and dark, moody blues. But most importantly – don’t be afraid to go for a shade that is slightly darker, and don’t judge a colour solely from the colour chart.

“I find people always ask me about bedroom colours, and I would tend to suggest slightly stronger colours, as the bedroom is a night time space usually, meaning you will have lamps lit and curtains drawn,” she explains.

“If I show a person a dark tone on a colour chart, they’ll immediately go ‘oh no, that’s far too dark’. Whereas, you’re just looking at a tiny piece on a colour chart. It’s really hard to judge. So, what I would advise people to do is to be brave, and to go for it. It really pays off and looks amazing!”

Colourtrend_Ideal_Home_Show_Ciara Drennan Paved Path Arctic Blonde

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