Dark & Luxurious

Colourtrend Interior Design Forum interview with Sarah Drumm and Lisa Marconi of Dust.

It’s not a colour many people think to paint their walls, but as we see with this design duo’s room set, painting your walls in dark colours can act as an excellent backdrop for your living room. Lisa Marconi and Sarah Drumm of Dust show us that opting for black and charcoal walls allow everything else in your room to pop.  Your furniture, artwork, accessories and any architectural details your home may stand to attention when complimented with a strong, dark backdrop.  “We like having fun with interiors, so whilst we wanted to create a nice glamorous and inviting atmosphere, we also wanted to have a bit of fun with it and introduce fun elements,” explains Lisa.

Sarah and Lisa designed their Colourtrend Interior Design Forum room set to feature bold punches of colour which beautifully contrast the surrounding dark walls.  The Dust designers rather cleverly used not one but two dark shades in their room set to further instil a glamorous look.  By using a combination of Colourtrend’s Dressage alongside Templar Grey both in a Colourtrend Interior Matt finish, the ever-so-subtle difference between the two colours helps define each wall.  Accented with warm details such as the brushed brass drinks trolley, opulent Icelandic sheepskin and brass pineapple wall sconces, their living room set is the ultimate serving of sophistication with a side of fun.

“Our inspiration has come from the sort of new modern luxury interiors trend that’s happening at the moment, which is all about embracing dark colours and adding in a little bit of glamour,” Sarah explains.  The pair show us that going dark doesn’t mean your space should be void of colour or character.  “More and more people are continuing to move away from the traditional neutrals like cream and magnolia.  Sort of richer, warmer, darker colours I think will be coming into play more,” Lisa shares with us.  By adding a variety of textures, colours, fabrics and finishes to dark walls you can create an elegant and luxurious look in any room.  Just as a little black dress never goes out of style, neither will black walls. Consider making dark your new neutral this year.

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