Creating a Calm and Considered Design

Colourtrend Interior Design Forum interview with Grace O’Brien of State of Grace.

As is evident by her Colourtrend Interior Design Forum room set, Grace has seamlessly mixed natural finishes alongside striking geometric details to create a coherent design. “Because it’s a bedroom, I wanted to create a really restful and thoughtful zone, but I wanted it to be bold and brave as well with a lot of personality,” explains Grace O’Brien of State of Grace, who shares with us the details behind the calm and considered room set she designed for the Autumn Ideal Home Show. Grace’s bedroom is a perfect marriage of modern-retro design with natural influences. “My inspiration always comes initially, [and] I look back at modernism. I love the way they structured their spaces, the simplicity of everything and the natural materials they used.”

The natural elements, uncomplicated features and ethically sourced pieces throughout Grace’s room set create a serene atmosphere within the space. Nowadays, we’re becoming more and more conscious of not only the wellbeing of our sleep, but we’re more conscious of what we fill our homes with and where said items come from. “I looked at the Colourtrend colours and I felt that the Fairy Fort green and Foxmount burnt red were very earthy and nostalgic and comforting colours. Although they’re quite vibrant, I thought they married well with the natural oak,” Grace shares with us. Through incorporating plants, natural fibred rope, ethically sourced oak, fresh linen and wall colours in tune with nature, Grace has shown us exactly how to bring a thoughtful and timeless feel to a bedroom. The design is structured yet simple, and colourful with a classic twist.

The playful hanging bedside tables tie the space together by drawing your eye to the luxurious bed and the surrounding sleek-lined furniture, creating the ultimate bedroom retreat. Grace’s bedroom set is all about creating calm and considered design. A place to slow down at the end of a long day, to reflect and prepare for what tomorrow brings. A modern take on natural design and all about keeping it simple and personal.

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