Choose Your Favourite Colour

With its play on trends, custom furniture and delicate accessories, it is not hard to describe this nursery as a haven of contemporary comfort. Designed by Arlene McIntyre of Ventura Design, it is both luxurious yet practical—an ideal combination for families.

The pink tones of Be Mine in Ceramic Finish adorn the walls, bringing a distinct softness and warmth to the room. A mix of both rose and dusky pink tones, Be Mine is both classic and modern—a unique trait that runs throughout the room set.

Yet we soon find out when talking to Felicity Moroney of Ventura Design, that it is the name ‘Lauren’ delicately painted on the wall in the ‘candy floss-like pink’ of Colourtrend’s Pink Duet, that brings an undeniable tenderness and personal touch to the room. The reason? “Well the inspiration behind the nursery was that I recently just had a baby named Lauren,” explains Felicity laughing.

“I’ve learned that anytime you’re buying nursery furniture, you’re buying it in the typical colours. You’re buying it in the cream, the white or maybe pink or blue,” Felicity explains. “We said why not come up with something that we can custom paint in any colour, for any customer, to suit their taste.”

The result showcases not only the versatility of furniture, but also of paint. “You can paint anything,” Felicity says nodding. Ventura Design’s room set sees a custom painted cot and changing table, both painted in soft, grey hues, pop against the Be Mine walls and plush, grey carpet.

Pale pink and grey furnishings are delicately placed within the cot, bringing that extra layer of luxury, while the room set reaches its peak comfort in the soft armrests of the white rocking chair in the corner of the room.

It is these pink and grey hues that proved to be quite popular throughout 2017, however Felicity warns that if you are someone who chooses to follow trends when picking a colour for your home—do expect to change it in a few years.

“If you’re the type of person who likes trends, maybe look at what’s in style. Buy the magazines, search the internet, see what you like at that moment and go for that with the plan on changing it,” she explains.

“If you’re the type of person who might not necessarily have the budget to change it again, or are looking for a timeless colour, always go for your favourite colour. If you’re favourite colour happens to be purple for example, find the perfect shade of purple that you love and use that. If you’re afraid of colour, it’s much easier to love a colour that you’re naturally drawn to and you’re less likely to tire of it.”

Her final tip? Don’t get overwhelmed, and ask a professional for help if needs be. “Avoid the colour fan, it can be very overwhelming. I say stick with the colour cards first,” she explains nodding. “Then, if you can’t find what you’re looking for, I would recommend meeting a paint consultant and they will help you choose the perfect colour for you from a larger range.”

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