Choose Your Colours Wisely

Colourtrend Interior Design Forum interview with Nina Kati of Nina Kati Interior Design Feng Shui.

From the onset, we’re met with a luxurious and comforting living room full of jewelled tones and refined accent pieces in Nina’s Colourtrend Interior Design Forum room set. “I wanted a sophisticated urban-chic living room. I wanted a set that included feng shui principles, but still showed how to use colour effectively. I think it’s really important as colour affects us so much and is such a part of our lives,” explains Nina Kati, the designer behind Nina Kati Interior Design Feng Shui, and one of the designers in this year’s forum. The combined elements of colour and the addition of warm brass accents dotted throughout the space contribute to the overall ambiance of the room and truly bring a level of warmth to the space.

Nina introduced another layer of creativity to the space by using Colourtrend paint in the form of abstract art. Nina specially commissioned artist Ashley O’Neal to create custom artwork for her Interior Design Forum room set. Using a combination of 16 Colourtrennd paint colours carefully matched to the room set, clean cut and backlit pieces of artwork were made to flank the fireplace and harmonise the spectrum of colours in the room.

If there’s one piece of advice we take from Nina’s Colourtrend Interior Design Forum room set it’s that the colour temperature of a room is key to creating a welcoming atmosphere. As Nina explains, “I always choose winter berry colours. I find that for the Irish climate they work really well to warm up the scheme and to bring in some interest.” To complement the hearty colours in her room, Nina chose two paint colours to unite the area. A balance of Colourtrend’s Let it Rain 0518 and Cool Elegance 0517 were paired keeping the jewel hues throughout the space in mind. “Paint, of all the things, can have the most powerful impact, so the important thing is to choose your colours wisely, get a professional and ask for their help. Find the colour that makes your heart sing.” We really couldn’t have said it better ourselves, Nina!

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