Bold Bedroom Colours

Colourtrend Interior Design Forum interview with Jackie Carton of Style My Room.

This year, why not take a leaf from Jackie Carton’s book and consider going bolder with your bedroom? As Jackie demonstrates through the expert design of her Colourtrend Interior Design Forum room set, a dark palette in the bedroom makes for a bold yet inviting retreat. It’s safe to say Jackie created a room which beautifully marries light and dark design seamlessly.

It may sound obvious, but when it comes to creating a design for your own bedroom, stay true to what you love. This is your space after all! Your bedroom is a room that won’t be on show, so don’t be afraid to introduce a more personal side of your style behind closed doors. You’re the only one who will see it, so you don’t need to impress anyone else. Make your bedroom a getaway in your own home: somewhere soothing you’ll want to escape to after a long day.

As you can see in Jackie’s room set, there’s a great balance of light and dark design on display. The dark walls are perfectly juxtaposed with the light accessories on the walls. Colourtrend’s Purple Shadow 1215 in Interior Matt Finish used on the walls really makes the bright accessories stand to attention. “It was such a dramatic colour. I decided to use in it order to make everything else in the room pop out that little bit more and create some visual interest,” explains Jackie, with regard to the play of light and dark in her design.

A clever and subtle dash of attitude Jackie added to her room set was to paint the skirting boards in the same colour as her walls, using Colourtrend’s Gloss Finish. This unites the room and the subtly differing sheen levels of the walls and skirting gives another layer of depth to the design. Adding a small yet creative detail such as this is what really ties a room together, and gives it a truly unique feel and design.

So choose to improve the ambiance in your bedroom! Let’s face it, we spend approximately a third of our lives in our bedroom, so you may as well create a little haven of your own. Sleeping in comfort will never go out of style.

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