Be Brave With Colour

As is evident in the roomset she designed, Niamh Mac Gowan’s artistic talent and eye for the outdoors brings a truly unique angle to this year’s Colourtrend Interior Design Forum at the ptsb Ideal Home Show. The moment you see Niamh’s design you’re met with nothing but comfort. A rustic space juxtaposed against a warm and intriguing wall colour, it’s easy to see why Niamh’s design is so inviting.

Niamh quite simply puts it, “look to the things you love for inspiration.” When it comes to designing your living room, as well as your home overall, take inspiration from not only the pieces you’ve collected over time, but consider taking inspiration from what is just outside your door. Look to what’s naturally occurring in your area and consider bringing those unique accents indoors. Is there a calm, clear river nearby? Or perhaps a winding trail lined with gorse? A mountain or hill with an ever changing palette on the horizon? Or a driftwood and pebble laden seaside? Consider drawing inspiration from the items found outside your home and think about inviting them in.

As Niamh exhibits rustic palettes influenced by neutral and natural accessories, why not make your walls a feature in and of themselves? Having a collection that’s predominantly in a natural palette doesn’t automatically mean ‘Magnolia’ should be donning your walls. In fact, quite the opposite. As perfectly demonstrated, a luxurious and vivid wall colour really brings out the beautiful rustic tones of Niamh’s accessories. The natural woods, warm coppers, the dainty pinks, mountainous blues and the evergreens pop against the undiluted berry walls. Consider stepping outside of what you’re used to in order to compliment the decor you already have. Use a bold and unique colour to showcase your personal collection.

In choosing that beautiful berry colour for her Colourtrend Interior Design Forum room set at the Ideal Home Show, Niamh took the bold step of creating her own bespoke colour. She worked closely with her local Colourtrend supplier and created this unique colour by mixing 30% Berry Patch 1152 and 70% Berry Light 1180 in Colourtrend’s Historic Luxury Matt Finish.

In keeping with the type of paint finish Niamh chose, not only is the custom hue she created truly historic, so is the overall room she created.

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