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To hear that a room is inspired by nature, one’s mind may automatically wander to shades of greens, foliage based colours and lush, natural hues. House Edit’s sitting room, with its deep, almost moody blue tones, opulent fabrics and mustard accents, provokes an intriguing essence of nature. One that is bold, surprising, and a true feast to the senses.

“We wanted to showcase how nature can be bolder,” explains Claire Price, Co-Founder and one half of House Edit. “People associate nature with softer colours, sage-like greens, and stuff like that. But actually, when you look at it, nature can be really bold.”

It is this unique boldness that prevails throughout the room set. Colourtrend’s Crayfish in Interior Matt Finish adorns the walls. Its ‘striking and electic’ blue tones, while deep and moody, do not overwhelm the space, but rather conjure a feeling of warmth and an oasis of blue hues–banishing the misconception that bold colours should be confined to big spaces.

“We wanted to show that bold colours are lovely in a relaxation space. They are calming, and at the same time, can create really intimate spaces,” explains Elaine Regan.

“If you have a small space, bold colours can play to its advantages. You can make it cosy and can warm it up by using bold colours. Also, by painting your architraves and your skirtings, you can make a space be perceived to be bigger than it actually is,” adds Claire.

Both Elaine and Claire see Colourtrend’s Crayfish as the ideal background to the more vibrant tones within the room set–and it is easy to see why. Long hanging lights dangle in the air, casting shadows that ricochet across the room and dance along its copper and wooden accessories–bringing a unique depth and warmth to the design.

Colourtrend Ideal Home Show Crayfish House Edit

However, the blue tones truly come alive when accented with the bolder hues of mustard, ochre and teal. Yet with such strong, bolds shades, it is easy to imagine bickering siblings yearning for the spotlight, each trying desperately to outshine the other.

Here, the colours are perfect partners of complimentary contrasts and create an undercurrent of vibrancy that is intricately layered between velvets, luxurious fabrics and an array of artwork. The result? “A very opulent, very rich, and a very cosy sitting room,” Elaine says adamantly.

And what if you would like to inject some colour into your own home? Both Elaine and Claire credit the pigment in Colourtrend’s products in creating a truly vibrant aesthetic. However, ensuring that a colour does not overpower a room is a true balancing act.

“You have to think about the quantity of the colours that you are using,” explains Elaine. “It’s all about using a little bit of one as an accent and the other as the main colour, so that they can work together.”

“Plus, if you are thinking of using a bold colour, you can always try by starting with one wall in your house,” interjects a nodding Claire. “A lot of people have open plan spaces now, so take one wall and paint that in a bold colour and see how it fits with you. And if you like it–take that leap of faith and start painting the whole room!”

Colourtrend Ideal Home Show Crayfish House Edit

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