Balancing Light & Dark

Colourtrend Interior Design Forum interview with Deirdre Hardiman of Hepburn Designs.

As with most aspects of our daily life, finding the right balance is crucial. This balance is especially important when it comes to the design of your home. Deirdre Hardiman shows us that you can not only strike a perfect balance in design, but that you can do it in style. “When you use a dark colour, you need to balance it so that the room has some light and depth to it,” explains Deirdre. As we see in her Colourtrend Interior Design Forum room set, dark walls can be brilliantly complimented with the right lighting, furniture and furnishings.

The sleek panelling detail throughout Deirdre’s room set is one of many fine examples of how to perfectly balance dark walls with light finishes. Deirdre dared to be different by using Colourtrend’s off white Winter’s Breath in Colourtrend Satinwood on the lower panelling with Colourtrend’s deep Genesis grey in interior matt finish on the walls above. By adding light and dark points of interest to the walls in this way, you can achieve a sophisticated feel and create a wealth of visual interest to any space. The dark walls also allow the floral images Deirdre chose as wall decoration to really shine.

Adding an element of dark to your design also introduces a feeling of elegance. Deirdre demonstrates just this through the soft furnishings she brought into the design. The couch, ottoman, pillows, curtains and throws all bring an abundance of comfort to the room and help lift it. “What I love about interior design is that I think it really adds to the quality of your life, and makes your whole life better,” Deirdre shares with us. It really is amazing how something as simple as the colour of paint on your walls can change so much about a space. Finding the right balance between light and dark is central to setting the tone of your home. A considered palette if you will, to show off your curated collection.

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