Colourtrend_Ideal_Home_Show-AlenaCDesign Beag Schoolroom Green

With its soft, neutral tones and minimalistic layout, one may see Alena of Alena CDesign’s room set as unassuming. However, that couldn’t be further from the truth. Soft hues, subtle finishing touches, and a distinct feature wall ensure that this bathroom carries an air of quiet, confident design. “I wanted to show people something different in bathroom design,” she muses. “I wanted to push the creativity, but still be practical, as we spend so much time in the bathroom.”

And why did she choose to design a bathroom in the first place? “Because they are a very big part of the house,” she exclaims. “People usually design it and redecorate after 20 years, or maybe never. A very big question is how to do it right. Especially if it’s where you spend your first minutes of the morning and your last in the evening. It’s important to feel good in that place.”

Adorning one wall in the pale, almost mint tones of Colourtrend’s Schoolroom Green and combining it with the understated, pink hues of Beag, creates a unique contrast that is both calming yet refreshing – ensuring that one would have no qualms starting or ending their day in this oasis of soft tones.

“As I mentioned before, the bathroom is the first room you start your day in. Green tones help you wake up and to start the day like it’s a fresh start. The pink helps you set yourself up for the day,” she explains. “And it’s the same for the end of the day. Green helps you to relax and forget about what didn’t work out in the day, while pink helps you concentrate on tomorrow.”

Colourtrend_Ideal_Home_Show-AlenaCDesign Beag Schoolroom Green

However, it is the unique layout of the bathroom which truly brings the design together. A strip of light grey tiles with diagonal etchings lay in the middle of the floor, creating a beautiful mismatch of textures and lines, mimicking a catwalk leading up to the white, freestanding sink. On either side, two black, matt wall features hold a wild array of thin, wiry twigs – bringing a touch of nature to room. The room may look simple at first glance, but it is a design bursting with different textures and delightful surprises.

“Every time you see a wall, you see something different,” Alena says nodding. “People are afraid to put different textures and elements in one room, but when done right, it can be so effective. Every time you walk into this bathroom you will see something different.”

And when designing your own bathroom, Alena’s advice is simple – focus on the layout first, and if you choose to paint the walls, make sure it’s a durable paint. There will be splashes, after all!

“If you want to design a bathroom, first of all, you need to do the right layout. From there, decide on where the feature wall will be. It doesn’t have to be where the toilet is, it can be the sink, or if it’s a window, it can be a nice dressing or a nice colour around that window. It could even be tiling,” she explains. “I’d also recommend using Colourtrend’s Soft Sheen or Ceramic Finish when painting the walls, as it’s resistant to any water, steam and splashes. It’s fantastic and so durable.”

Colourtrend_Ideal_Home_Show-AlenaCDesign Beag Schoolroom Green

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